A great place to start your meditation practice

Anyone Can Meditate

Yes, even you!

Meditation is not reserved for the spiritually elite or the dedicated yogi or the monks in the Himalayas. This practice is available to everyone. It’s adaptable and malleable; it can work for any personality type, fit into any lifestyle, and adjust to any time constraints.

There isn’t a scale of success when it comes to meditation. If you’ve set time aside to meditate then you’re already succeeding – regardless if the mind is overactive or if the body is restless. And the more attention you give it, the easier it becomes, and the more benefits you reap.

Finding the Right Teacher

Finding the right meditation teacher is essential. You should like their vibe, their voice, their message.

That is why I invite you to try this complimentary 10-minute guided meditation. It gives you the opportunity to determine whether I’m the right teacher for you.

This meditation is yours to keep, so you can listen to it as often as you like.

Guided Meditation

Meditation is simply focusing the mind and sustaining that focus for a period of time. That’s it!  In a guided meditation, we use visuals, imagery and storytelling to help the mind focus. And while your mind is embarking on a colorful journey, occupied by exploring the vibrant inner landscape of your being, the quiet voice of your intuition is able to rise and be heard.

And this voice knows everything!

Guided meditation is a practice of self-discovery. It can be simple and beautiful or deep and intense.

Dive in. Explore. Have fun.

Let your imagination run wild

Treat this information as a foundation

A launchpad

Into the beautiful complexity

That is YOU!

Meditation is personal

Meditation has the power to catapult you to the depths of your nature, your psyche, and your subconscious. It is a tool for you to connect to the limitless wealth of knowledge that lies within. This relationship with spirit, with your higher self, is personal and unique. No one can tell you what it looks or feels like, so make this practice your own and accept what comes.

The Essential Guide to Guided Meditation

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