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Guided Meditations

What Is Guided Meditation?

In these meditations, you will embark on a colorful journey and explore the vibrant inner landscape of your being. No destination is off limits. You can let go of experiences that no longer serve you or find healing in a crystalline pool. You can sink into the deepest part of your emotional water or ignite the fire of your passion. You can access the immense wisdom and hidden history housed within your soul or gain insight from your spirit guides.

I encourage you to allow yourself to just experience these meditations. Settle into the space. Activate all of your senses. Even if you’re not naturally a visual person, tap into what you feel, sense, hear. There is no right or wrong. Trust whatever comes.

Imagination is the Portal Into the Intuition - Use It!

Run Wild

Have Fun

There Are No Rules

There Are No Rights and Wrongs

Everything Goes

Anything Is Possible



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