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2-2.5 hours, including bookended conversations and a cup of tea

The intention behind all past life regressions is healing. During this in person experience, you will cross into the vast record of your spirit to find healing through clarity, insight and profound understanding. You can eradicate phobias, ease physical pain, define soul connections, cut tethers, and remove emotional blocks. You can also receive clarity about a current situation/relationship and bring any soul patterns to light.

Past Life Indicators:

  • Fascination with a certain time period
  • Attraction to a specific place
  • Certain smells
  • Birthmarks
  • Phobias
  • Emotional blocks/patterns
  • Chronic illness
  • Physical Pain



60-90 minutes, including bookended conversations and a cup of tea

These in person sessions are entirely intuitive, unique to the individual, and aimed at removing any blockages that are preventing you from stepping into your essential nature, the most authentic part of yourself.

After an initial conversation, I’ll use guidance from spirit to design a customized session, incorporating multiple healing modalities for deep healing and transformation. Sessions may include: identifying and reprogramming debilitating mental patterns or emotional beliefs, hands-on healing, reiki, energy manipulation, guided meditation, channeling, rune casting, accessing the akashic records, or past life regressions.



Half day

The intuition is the north star of our internal universe, the compass that always points north. It knows where we should go, what we should do, and is quietly guiding us on our life path, pushing us toward our highest destiny. The intuition has its own unique language and will express itself differently to each of us.

In this course you will learn how to distinguish the voice of the intuition from that of the mind and begin to strengthen that line of communication. Most importantly, you will discover how your intuition speaks to you, both internally and externally in the world around you.



6-week course includes:

  • 2-hour weekly Zoom calls
  • Live guided meditations
  • Personalized homework
  • Access to the knowledge I’ve acquired from 10+ years of experience.

This intimate online group class is an invitation to expand your understanding of yourself through guided meditation. Don’t worry if you’ve never meditated, this full spectrum course caters to all levels. It’s designed to meet you exactly where you are on your journey, as well as encourage you to dive deeper, strengthen your connection, and trust your intuition.

In this course, we’ll cover the ins and outs of guided meditation, break through existing stigmas, and explore meditations for relaxation, healing, chakra balancing, and meeting your spiritual team of guides.

You’ll complete the course with a personal mediation practice and all the tools you need to continue to evolve your practice.



This 16-week course includes:

  • 2-hour bi-weekly Zoom calls
  • Live guided meditations
  • Practice homework (experience is the best teacher!)
  • Open discussion on any insights, blockages, difficulties encountered since the last session
  • 4 months free membership to my weekly meditation subscription

Within this small curated group container you'll not only learn how to lead others through deeply powerful visual journeys, but also strengthen your own connection to spirit and your essential nature.

In this course, I will share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years, as well as offer guidance on appropriate verbal cues and how to address common questions/concerns. We’ll dissect the integral parts of a guided meditation, understanding how to create and fashion meditations for a specific intention or to fit a client’s needs.

By the end of this course you will have a robust and confident understanding of:

  • Relaxation Meditations
  • Healing / Clearing Meditations
  • Chakra Balancing / Exploration
  • Meeting your Spiritual Team – Angel Guide, Animal Totem, Spirit Guide
  • Past Life Regression
  • Building Your Own Meditations

Prerequisite: Must know how to journey
Optional Course Handbook: The Essential Guide to Guided Meditation



30 Minutes

The Records house the entire history (past, present, and future) of your soul. Ask specific questions and get direct answers from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.